New podcast on the horizion

podcast_sidebar_logoThere were a lot of unfortunate things that lead to the unfortunate demise of the original VeloReviews podcast. External business enterprises (read: bike shop), time constraints, family, etc etc. The list of things that have prematurely killed some of the most successful cycling podcasts is long. But the passion is still there.

Now that I’ve dealt with some of those more nagging issues, I find myself thinking of getting something off the ground again. Will it be VeloReviews v3 – or something different entirely? That still remains to be seen. What do YOU believe is missing from the current lineup of cycling podcasts? Email me, or leave a comment below, on what you would like to see.

Also – if you are interested in perhaps participating on the mic (so to speak) drop me an email. Let me know what your interest is, what you think you can contribute, and how much you’d like to be involved.

I’ve got a lot of ideas – time to hone those ideas into something deliverable. Again.