Don’t be an asshole cyclist


We can all be jerks sometimes. During my 10 mile commute to and from the office every day I get a lot of time to observe assholery on the streets of San Francisco. No… this is NOT going to be a rant about drivers behaving badly. In fact, I feel pretty good about riding a bike on these city streets. No… this is about assholery by fellow cyclists.

If you roll through a stop sign or red light, don’t chew someone out if they yell at you.

Suck it up buttercup – you broke the law. I’m not saying you should or should not come to a complete stop, but it seems pretty stupid to get into a shouting match with someone (probably a driver or pedestrian) that watched you do it. I’ve rolled. Most of us have. And I know damn well that I am breaking the law when I do it. There are a lot of good reasons for us doing this, but until we manage to convince lawmakers of those reasons, the law does in fact actually apply to us. Be like the duck.

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Source:: JAC