How many cyclists does it take to make toast?

There were a number of different thoughts that went through my head when I first saw this video. First – damn that dude’s thighs are huge. Second, the amazing fact that there are folks in the world that can sustain over 700w on a bike.

But then I thought about the message of the video. Clearly the video is trying to help people understand how much energy we consume as a society. I understand this problem. But I actually took away something a little more beautiful from this.

For me, the interesting message wasn’t how much power it took to make a piece of toast. Nor was it how much work it took a well trained cyclist to produce that much power. For me it was actually how comparatively small our power output as humans is. And that lead me to a final conclusion:

That fact that us mere humans can propel ourselves along on bicycles with the relatively small amount of power we can produce is a statement to the beauty and efficiency of the bicycle

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Source:: JAC