NAHBS 2014 First Look

The first day at the Handmade Bicycle Show in Charlotte is hard to describe quickly, but it can be summed as WOW! I suspect the crowds on Saturday will make it hard to talk as much with the builders, so I tried to focus on them Friday. Here are a few pictures to show some of the variety and some of the trends.

There were all sorts of bicycles made of various materials. Here is a nice example of a wood cruiser from Rennaissance Bikes. The ingenuity and details are incredible. I’ll follow up with lots more higher resolution pictures later.


Renaissance Wood Cruiser

There are all styles of bikes, road racing, touring, city, mountain, and even a few crazy ones. Well track bikes are not crazy. I would love to try this Six Eleven on the velodrome.

Six Eleven Track Bike

There are two obvious trends walking around the exhibit floor. One is fat bikes like this one from Quiring.

Quiring Fatbike

The second trend is electronic shifting. I suspect the builders like it because it is easier to hide the wires than cables, leaving clean lines for their beautiful bikes.

Don Walker Electronic Shifting

One last thing for now. There are examples of great engineering and craftsmanship all over the show. I’ll try to do a whole post on the work that goes into this light on a beautiful bike from Harvey Cycle Works.





More to come.