Barfly 2.0 Garmin Computer Mount

BF2.0-TateLabs-145-V2 copyI actually first ran across the Barfly 2.0 Garmin Cycling Computer Mount at last year’s Sea Otter Classic. I picked up a model to try it out, but I’m just now getting around to writing a review about it. Perhaps the fact that I am just now writing about it speaks volumes – it does exactly what it is supposed to do, without you needing to think about it.

But what, exactly, is it supposed to do? It relocates your Garmin cycling computer from the top of your stem to a more aero-inspired position in front of your stem. The Barfly 2.0 is a dedicated hardware mounting device that attaches to your bars. It has an integrated Garmin compatible receptacle that included 2 mounting positions – one foreword and one aft (or rearward, for those non-boating types.) The two positions are used allow one single mount appliance to support Garmin Edge 200/500 models, as well as 510/800/810 models with the same mounting hardware.

The Barfly is made of a pliable plastic that allows it to be installed without needing to remove anything off of the bars on your bike. Once you remove the small hex bolt, it can be spread wide enough to insert it over your bars – even maneuvering it under or over your cables. The install takes a matter of seconds – and your bar tape will remain intact.

Once installed, I was pleasantly surprised by the rigidity of the mount. After over 9 months of use the mount has held fast in position – never rotating around the bars. The mounting mechanism has remained firm with no slippage of the Garmin. The mount is sturdy enough that you will not notice any bouncing or swinging of your computer as you travel over bumpy terrain.

So, while the device performed admirably in its intended task, I was left with one nagging question. With a $24.95 price point – why exactly would I need this product? While the apparent aero improvements of this device seem obvious, they don’t really stand up to scrutiny. If you have a standard angle stem, the aerodynamic drag of the stock Garmin mounting hardware seems pretty insignificant. True aero/weight folks will need to weigh the cost and benefits of adding extra plastic to hold the Garmin computer in a theoretically more aero position in front of the stem.

However, if you are indeed conscious of the aero drag of your machine, and you’re spending time in a wind tunnel to gain optimal performance, the $24.95 price point of this device seems insignificant it it gains you an advantage.

Garmin mounted in the forward position. A model 800/810 would be tucked up against the bars
Garmin 500 mounted in the rear position.
Rider’s view of Garmin in mount
Detail of the two mounting positions

At the end of it all, here’s my rundown:

Ease of UsePriceStyleQuality
5 of 5 stars2 of 5 stars4 of 5 stars5 of 5 stars
The install takes all of 30 seconds. From there your Garmin mounts in the Barfly in exactly the same way it mounts in the stock Garmin mounting hardware Hard to put a single rating on the price. While $24.95 isn’t a lot of money, you have to consider if the aero advantages are worth replacing the Garmin mounting hardware that came with your computer.Having your cycling computer out in front of your stem does look neat. And they offer a few different color choices to match your color scheme. Materials and workmanship are top notch. The choice of plastic makes it pliable enough to easily mount, while still holding the Garmin firmly.