Announcing new VeloReviews news outlet

LONESTARAfter a trial run at the Sea Otter Classic, I’ve decided to formally launch the new a site: VeloReviews News Wire. Available at, this site will feature frequent short updates with news from the cycling world, with a particular emphasis on pro cycling results.

While preparing to cover the upcoming Tour of California, I was faced with a struggle I’ve had previous years. While I enjoy getting up-to-the-minute information out to folks that can’t make it out to the races or to watch them live, I’m sensitive to the fact that some don’t appreciate the “spoilers.” Many record the stages while they are at work to watch when the get home and don’t appreciate a tweet coming along telling them who won the day’s stage or who crashed out before they can watch it.

By separating these types of updates out I can get timely information out to folks that want it, while allowing followers of VeloReviews to get the rest of our great content without ruining their own viewing of races. So – continue to follow @VeloReviews on twitter free of fear of spoilers. However, those that more timely information, follow @VRNewsWire, and watch the VRNewsWire site.

In the future, watch for access to live feeds of pro cycling events as well, direct on VeloReviews.

VRNewsWire will have full coverage of all stages of the Amgen Tour of California live on site.