Why I ride

In our last podcast (episode #35) we had a discussion with Rapunzel regarding women in cycling. During that conversation the Vanderkitten team came up as an example of proper representation of women cyclists. Specifically mentioned was Vanderkitten’s rider Emily Kachorek.

Just a couple of days after the release of that podcast Emily posted what she described as “some random unedited thoughts…” Personally, I found her words to be spot on, and quite inspirational. I asked her if I could share them here and she agreed. Here’s the text of her Facebook post, taken from Vanderkitten’s page:


Why I ride-
I ride because I was born an athlete and will always be an athlete.
I ride because the desire to push my body is hardwired in.
Because I am addicted to the endorphins and adrenaline.
I ride because no matter where in the world I go I will always have a family and a community that I feel a part of.
I ride because it takes me new places.
I ride because it challenges me to ride further, faster, smoother, safer, smarter.
I fear failure, and to some degree success. It allows me to explore and test my fears.
I ride because of the bonds I have built with teammates and friends. We share pain, success, failure, disappointment, laughter and life.
I ride because the second my legs start turning circles I become a happier person.
I ride because I love to be outside. To feel the wind on my face and listen to the birds and bugs.
I ride because it allows me to take out my aggression and anger.
I ride because it stabilizes my life and creates balance.
I ride because going downhill at 40mph is fun.
I ride because I get to eat more pastry and crave more salad.
I ride because I can’t cry and pedal and the same time.
I ride because it makes my mind and body strong.
I ride because I can; because it is a constant reminder of the value of health.
I ride because it allows me to play with the boys.
I ride because no matter how bad my day, pedaling puts my mind at easy and a smile on my face.
I ride because I can go alone.
Because even though I have ridden the route a 1000 times, I never know what is around the next bend.

Thanks for reading :) Emily

You can find Emily Kachorek on Twitter (@EmilyKachorek) and Facebook.

Emily currently rides for @Vanderkitten.

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