Winners From Denver

Gold was been struck again in Denver. Well at least a nice batch of blue ribbon winners from the 2013 North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) have been announced. Here is a quick blurb and links for more information on the various winners.

Best Theme Bike

Strap a chainsaw on the back, some drinks on the front, carry some more tools in the middle and you are ready for some trail maintenance on this titanium beauty from Moots. The 3 inch wide tires on the 50 mm wide rims can take the punishment. The disk brakes give you plenty of stopping power even with a load. There is even a matching three piece titanium McLeod built into the front rack.

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Best TIG Frame

Steve Potts takes home this award with his Titanium 29er Hardtail. Steve’s striving for a clean, beautiful weld pays off.


Best City Bike

Shin-Ichi Konno adds to his awards with the Cherubim Rambler. I love the handle bars, but to me a city bike should definitely have fenders.

Best Lugged Frame

Bilenky is another repeat winner, this year for best lugged frame. I hope they will have photos of this once it is fully built out.

Best Cyclocross Bike

Mosaic Cycles from nearby Boulder takes the prize for best cyclocross bike. This is a nice win in a category with lots of interest.

Best Carbon Construction

Alchemy receives the best carbon construction for a Arion Road Bike. This aero road bike has lots of nice touches with special techniques to provide a custom fit.

Best Titanium Construction

There are two winners in this category. This is Black Sheep UIMA Phat Tire Bike commissioned by the University of Iowa’s Museum of Art. But it looks totally ridable to me. Those fat tires could let you carry the flask full of brandy to people lost in the snow.
The second winner is this Kent Ericson road bike. I like the green highlights with the titanium. This a super light frame with Ultegra electronic shifters. It might be hard to buy this one, because it is just the builders size.

Best Mountain Bike

Retrotec wins best mountain bike with this 29er. Retrotec always has an interesting take on the top tube and this bike is no exception.

Best Road Bike

Bishop Bikes wins best road bike with this


Best Tandem

There were two winners for best tandem. This time trial tandem by Calfee Design is a sleek carbon fiber race machine custom fit for captain and stoker.


Black Sheep get another award in 2013 for Jack’s Tandem. Alas I am not the Jack it was made for. This bike was quite camera shy, but I did find this picture. It appears to have one of Black Sheep’s curvy fork, stem, and handle bar creations.

Best Alternative Material

Boo Bicycles receives the best alternative material awards for the Glissando Townie Concept frame combining bamboo and titanium. The bamboo is used as a natural shock absorber.


President’s Choice

Matsuda Cycle Factory comes across the Pacific from Japan to win the President’s Choice award with this steel track bike – the Level Keirin Racer. A simple concept executed beautifully.

Best In Show

This Rob English time trial bike was hot on social media from the moment NAHBS opened. It is no surprise to see the Best of Show award here.