New fondo for your calendar

The Tour of the Battenkill has a long history, and the race even has its own, open to the public, associated Grand Fondo. Now, however, the promotor of this event is getting involved in another Grand Fondo. According to a recent USA Today article, that other Grand Fondo involves none other than Floyd Landis. In quotes from the article, it seems that Floyd is involved, but shying away from making it “his” grand fondo:

“This is about using whatever association people have with me to create an event where people can have a good time,” Landis said. “Other than that, I’m finished with cycling — I have no interest in being a public figure in cycling.”

However, Floyd didn’t hold back from at least one jab:

“Professional cycling is organized crime,” he told USA TODAY Sports. “I’m done with that.”

It did occur to me that, through this, Floyd is throwing his hat into the ring with a couple of other big Grand Fondos associated with pro cyclists. And who are those cyclists? Levi Leipheimer and George Hincapie. Let’s see… Levi, Big George and Landis. Why do I feel like there is a connection there…