SEMINAR MARCH 6, 2013: “Why endurance sports break us and how to prevent it”

We are having a seminar on Wed March 6, 2013 @ 7:30pm on “Why Endurance Sports Break Us and How to Prevent It.”

Join the endurance sports training experts at INTEGRATE for a learn by doing workshop on why endurance athletes break and how to prevent it. The event is designed to help you manage and prevent the negative side effects of all of the repetitive stress movements that come along with riding, running and swimming.

This seminar is perfect for the casual runner or rider all the way up to Ironman competitors and all endurance sports points in between.

Topics to include in the seminar portion:

How breathing affects performance
The importance of thoracic spine mobility
Where “swimmer’s shoulder” and “runner’s knee” actually start
What happens to joint angles from muscle imbalances
The importance of a strong posterior chain
The best ways to stabilize your lumbar spine
The best exercises to increase performance and reduce your chance of getting injured

In the learn by doing portion, we will take you through some fundamental moves that will go a long way to helping you get stronger. These will be simple exercises that are as effective as they are convenient to incorporate into your current training program.

You are also invited to take our Monday and Wed 6:30pm core strength class prior to the seminar as well! Please let us know by March 1, 2013 if you are planning to attend either of the group strength classes before the talk.

Date: Wed March 6, 2013
Cost: $0
Location: INTEGRATE Performance Fitness
SEMINAR RSVP DEADLINE: Thursday Feb 28, 2013