Dinner and Bikes

Some of you are lucky this year and the Dinner and Bike Tour is coming your way. Dinner? I like food. Bikes? I like bikes, or love bikes, or am totally obsessed with bikes! So what is Dinner and Bikes?

From the Dinner and Bikes web site:

A Dinner and Bikes evening includes a gourmet, vegan and gluten-free buffet dinner prepared by Joshua Ploeg, a presentation about the everyday bicycling movement by Elly Blue, and a near-complete excerpt from Aftermass, Joe Biel’s forthcoming documentary about the history of bicycling in Portland. The event is followed by a book signing with all three presenters, and some time to peruse our traveling bicycle and cooking themed bookshop.

Now wait, you teased me with dinner and now I see vegan and gluten-free. But never fear, I promise there are plenty of foods in this category and Joshua is sure to offer a tasty, filling combination. Elly Blue is one of the best writers on cycling topics. Her opinions are well thought out and backed with research studies. I am really looking forward to her full Bikenomics book.

In 2013 Dinner and Bikes will have a few March dates in California including Sacramento. Then they have what the call the NorthEast Tour although it actually runs from Chicago to New York down to DC and then back to Wisconsin. Check out the full schedule.

They promise to go up and down the East coast in 2014 which should bring them close enough to me. I look forward to it.

So make plans to just pedal to dinner and learn more about biking.