It can’t all be as bad as it sounds…

Some days you just feel like the world is conspiring against you. Ive been a bit silent about the recent USADA findings, because frankly I’m kinda sick of the whole mess. Among the list of phrases I’m more than happy to dispose of are “…the Armstrong investigation…” “…the accusations against Armstrong…” and “…press release from Armstrong’s legal team…”  Seriously – I have no desire to report on anything that would involve any of those phrases right now.

So – I decided to find something else to write about. I get ideas for stories from various locations, with twitter being one of the richer resources (might I recommend you follow @cyclelicious and @bikinginla, if no one else.) But of course Twitter has been all abuzz with Armstrong this and USADA that. So my Twitter feed has been being ignored for the last couple of days (except for this gem, retweeted by the aforementioned @cyclelicious).

However, I have another source I often go to – and that are a bunch of Google Alerts I have set up to get me (hopefully) interesting and unexpected stories. And one of today’s feeds…..  well, I’ll let you be the judge on today’s round-up:

Cardboard bicycle ‘close to mass production’: tough, green and just  (Oh hey – JustAnotherCyclist wrote about this too.)

Man Gets Face Slashed During San Jose Bicycle Shop Burglary 

Child Riding Bicycle in Meridianville Neighborhood Hit by Car 

Charges filed against bicycling suspected robber of 8 banks

PS Kashaka Set to Go On Trial Over LC Bicycles

Really? That’s what we get for cycling news? One good story for 4 bad ones? And I don’t mean that the stories themselves are poorly written – they’re just about terrible things.

I find it very hard to believe that the cycling community as a whole – racers, commuters, roadies, MTBers, cycle-chic types – can only generate negative stories to be picked up in the main stream media.

For those of you willing to try and reset from the basically downward news week in the cycling world, I’ll just point you to a former story. Hopefully you, like me, will find yourself reminded of an important fact: bicycles and cycling are just plain beautiful, no matter how ugly the people involved can sometimes be.