It was never about Lance

I’ve had a few people ask me if the whole Lance Armstrong doping scandal would make me quit cycling.

Short answer: No.

Cycling was never about the new “in” thing to do.  I ride because I like to ride and for the sense of accomplishment I get from riding, wrenching, selling, or sharing.

You ride a bicycle to get from point A to point B, detour through point C, J, F, and Q, then back to point A.  Many times just for the sake of riding, and a few time because you needed to get somewhere faster then walking and cheaper then motorized transportation.

You fix a bike because you need it go smoothly and quietly.  That leads to replacing and upgrading parts.  Then keeping spare parts around to the point you can rebuild your bike.  Your friends and family ask you to fix their bikes.  I get that glurge-like feeling of accomplished joy from getting someone’s bike to ride, shift, and brake perfectly allowing that person to enjoy the ride as much as I enjoyed the repair.

I sell because I need to work.  That leads to the sharing part, as sharing experiences get more feet turning cranks.  Sharing a common pastime bonds people.  After a while we just ride together no matter what color we are, where we live, where we work, how old we are, and whatever bike you ride.  The common bond is there.