Peer to peer bike rental

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Splinster is a new peer-to-peer bike rental service. Actually they include bike shops too although I didn’t spot any when I was browsing. The biggest limitation is that so far they are only listing bikes from New York City and San Francisco. The second limitation is so far you have to list  a bike before you can browse. Still this is a pretty cool idea. When traveling, especially for business, you have limited options to ride.

  • Ride an exercise bike in the hotel – yuck!
  • Borrow a bike from a friend – I did this in India.
  • Rent a bike – I have done this in Las Vegas and San Antonio.
  • Buy a cheap bike and donate it when leaving – I did this in Boston.
  • Ship your bike – interesting but I have not tried it.
  • Take your bike on the plane with you – I am too cheap for this.
As you see, I have done several of these. Borrowing is good but personally I don’t know that many people in other places. Renting is easy and relatively affordable if you can find a shop that rents. Splinster basically combines borrowing and renting. Instead of knowing people, you just pay a little and get to ride in a new place.
The selection of bikes looks like it could be interesting. Here are three samples I found in New York. If you are going to NYC you might as well play hipster on a fixed gear:

Or cruise around town with this stylish classic Raleigh:

If you want to mix transit with riding or need to take the bike inside, this folder could work:

Sometimes I have a chance to visit San Francisco on business, so that could be my first chance to try Splinster. Otherwise as this service expands to other cities, I will try it out.
– Pedal No Matter Where You Go