Critical Mass

Given that I’m writing this as a staff writer here on and not over on my own blog, I’ll try and keep my snark level to a minimum. And let’s face it – nothing demands snarky comments like Critical Mass. But, I’ll refrain and ride on the most serious side of the bike lane for now.

So what is all the hub-ub about Critical Mass right now? It just so happens that tomorrow, Friday, September 28th marks the 20th anniversary of the first ride in San Francisco that many believe lead to the phenomenon that is now known around the world as Critical Mass. Ross was nice enough to set up a forum for us to discuss our collective opinions on this whole phenomenon. Is Critical Mass a good thing – has it lead to infrastructure improvements? Was Critical Mass a good thing that has now lost its relevance? Is Critical Mass a bad thing – a dark stain on an already tarnished image of cyclists in the common culture? Join me in the forums to discuss this and anything else Critical Mass-.