Missed A Century By This Much

This last weekend I rode in the Bike MS rides in New Bern, NC. This was the 4th year in a row I participated in this event. I went into the weekend with less miles in my legs than usual. But the course is flat, I was riding with about 15 teammates, so I wasn’t overly concerned. But Friday and Saturday morning I had some stomach problems. I stayed on top of my hydration, but at mile 60 the heat got to me. I started suffering from heat exhaustion. I recognized it and slowed down, took a break in the shade and rolled on in to a rest stop at mile 64. I decided to swallow my pride and take SAG to the finish. As it turns out 30 minutes later, rain rolled in. Torrential rain. After a while the course was closed but the people I was riding with all ended up finishing. They also talked about getting chilled in the rain. So if I had made it a few more minutes I think I would have racked up my 20th century. But that will have to wait a few weeks.

– Pedal Circles