Improve your Look (cleats, that is)

I have used Look pedals for a long time. I have also been a bicycle commuter for a long time. While I don’t necessarily wear my cycling shoes for every commute, I do it enough to become frustrated with the continual wear on the cleats.  I was going through a pair every couple of months for a while – getting ground down both from pushing off at stop lights, and form walking around on sidewalks. In addition to the cleat wear, I constantly felt like I was walking on ice. But not any more.

I’m not sure exactly why it took me so long to pick up a pair of cleat covers, but what a difference it has made. There are numerous companies out there making essentially the same product, but for those of us that have to walk around in our cycling shoes they can be invaluable. I picked up a set from a major chain bike store that are almost identical in form and function to the Kool Kovers pictured at right. Aside from the obvious advantage of protecting the cleats as you walk around, the covers are made from a softer rubber that adds the traction needed to walk any reasonable distance.

Generally priced in the $10-$15 (US) price range, these items would seem to pay for themselves in reduced cleat wear and replacement. And for those of you using other pedal systems, you can find similar products for Speedplay, Look Delta style, and Shimano SPD.

Highly recommended. Save yourself a few bucks, and a few falls.