First Week at the New Shop

My first week at Hilton Head Bicycle Company went pretty smooth.  The owner seemed pleased at my work ethic and experience.  The first day I did a bit of training and some orientation.  The second day I repaired two bikes, with one from a customer having rear wheel problems due to his large size.  A new wheel was installed the day before with heavier spokes, but was then clanking.  The manager was a bit confused of the cause.  I opened up the rear hub, a Shimano E110 coaster brake, to find very little grease in the bearings and none in the clutch spring. After repacking the hub,  I also fixed the chain guard that was attached at the bottom bracket.

Saturday was nothing but rental pickups and deliveries.  Something I never did at my old job.  Nothing too exciting other then riding in an elevator with two guys from two rival companies when the elevator started to shimmy and shake.

Sunday my old boss called me thinking I was at the warehouse.  He was a bit upset that he forgot I don’t work there anymore.

The shop has a rental fleet of about 1500 units, but with 2 part time mechanics dedicated to keeping this fleet running.  Both are full time in high season.  They sell Sun, Giant, Benotto, and 3G bikes with the usual assortment of accessories.  Most are cruisers and comfort bikes with a few mountain bikes and one wicked track bike.

As with most bicycle shops, we will fix almost any bike.