The site has changed! What do I do?!?

There has been repeated feedback from the VeloReviews user community requesting that we make VeloReviews operate in a way that more users are familiar with.  The last incarnation of VeloReviews as a grand experiment, but ultimately it wasn’t what folks really wanted.

So, in response to user demand, I’ve moved to a more forum-centric format. If you are reading this and wondering what the heck you should do – my first recommendation would be to head over to and familiarize yourself with the new format.  I’ve made a diligent effort to import the previous forums posts into the new format – and that effort is still ongoing. In addition, you should be able to log in to using your previous passwordIf you have any difficulties logging in, please send an email to with as many details as you can and we’ll see what we can do to get you going again.

If you enjoyed the blog posts by our members, you’ll find those on the main website (where you are viewing this.) Finally, if you were a blogger yourself, I recommend you take a look at VeloReviews Free Blog Hosting. We’ve greatly expanded our support for VeloReviews writers.