Last Day on the Job

Today was the last day I worked for Palmetto Dunes Outfitters in Hilton Head, South Carolina.  Not an Outfitters in the strictest sense, but one of the largest bike rental companies on HHI.  Most of the bikes are single speed cruisers with coaster brakes, but there were several dozen comfort bikes.  There are kayak and canoe rentals off the back into a drainage canal system dressed up and called a “lagoon”.  A gift shop with a few souvenirs, t-shirts, hats, overpriced sodas, and a small selection of bike accessories.

Then there was the warehouse.  The back of the house customers never saw.  A dark, raw place I spent most of my winters in without any heat.  There was no air conditioning either.  Toiling away to get a fleet of 2700 bikes ready for the tourist season with a manager that was borderline clueless and the owner who was clueless and arrogant.  I’d make the best of it, especially with podcasts from Adam Corrilla, Kevin Smith, The Fredcast, and Veloreviews.  In fact, I first heard the podcast  in that dump.

As of 5:15pm EDT I was no longer employed there.  I’m leaving on good terms, having worked a two week notice, and finishing out the high season, after I accepted a new job.  There wasn’t any tears shed.  One employee got mad and threw a fit that this day came.  Another I told to come ask me for work on the spring.  Most just said “bye” and “good luck”  and I replied with a simple “thanks”.  I joked and threatened to spray paint a vulgar phrase on a bay door (see Clerks 2) and just did some general goofing-off, but nothing harmful.

As I walked off the rear deck by the lagoon, I tossed my name badge in like Harry Callahan and John Blake, into the water.