I’m here, but no longer out there.

Things aren’t going well.  I asked Al about recovering from bronchitis around a year ago, but I never could get riding again like I had used to ride.  Then things got worse.  I got sick again.  Just worse then I had ever been.  I left work early on February 27, driving straight to the hospital in Beaufort. (My wife works there in the Birthing Center).

I was there for three days, having been diagnosed with asthmatic bronchitis and a failing heart valve.  The virus from the bronchitis got into my heart and damaged the muscle around the valve for my left ventricle.  The kind of news that doesn’t help your mood, but does answer the question of what is wrong with me.

Trying to ride a bike for more then 20 minutes is nearly impossible.  I can feel my heart thumping out of  sync, as the right works better then the left.  Work isn’t much better.  Getting tasks done is harder then it used to be.  If it wasn’t for the years of experience, I’d probably loose my job.

I’ve sold off much of my bicycles and equipment.  I still have my road bike, as nobody wants 7-speed, and my SS/FG  that I refused to sell.  I’ve also kept all of my tools.

What to do know?  The diabetes keeps me from having a replacement valve.  I’ve come to accept what this leads to before I’ve wrote this entry, and I will continue to contribute for as long as I can.