First ride back after way too long :)

Today was it, the day I start riding again and I forgot how many things I had missed, and the not so missed :)

I had missed the sounds of cycling, like when your cleat “clacks” into the pedal, the snick as you shift gears and your derailleur’s work their magic (hopefully), the sound of wind passing you by and the sound of vehicles keeping their distance :)

I had missed the feeling of wearing knicks and a cycle jersey, gloves and a helmet, drinking water from a bidon whilst riding along and looking ahead at the path my bicycle should follow.

I hadn’t missed the feeling of turning after 15km to find a VERY strong headwind for my journey home, the legs having NO strength from not training in over a year and those little rises seem like mountains now :) I haven’t missed THAT!

Overall though the ride was fantastic and I am back riding. In saying that I have organised a mountain bike ride for tomorrow afternoon and now I know how much that is going to HURT! :) All in good fun though.

For those that care about stat’s the numbers for todays ride were;

Distance 30.46km/18.93mi

Ave speed 23.7kph/14.73mph

Ride time 1hr 16.54mins

In a few weeks I may look for an event or something for me to aim for once the fitness improves, probably offroad :)