Customize your VeloReviews experience

VeloReviews is a community of many different folks, with many different ways of looking at the cycling world.  Some are here for the social interactions.  Others like the knowledge that is at their fingertips in the forums, while some want the latest news and in-depth articles from the cycling world.

Crafting VeloReviews into a form that is comfortable for all 3 groups has been a bit challenging to say the least.  Some time back I came up with the concept of letting members “customize” their homepage to match their specific needs.  I’ve been working on this idea for awhile, and finally got it up so members can take advantage of it.

First off – you’ll notice that the main menu bar has been changed slightly to reflect these 3 main types of VeloReviews interactions:

The three main categories listed as ‘Forums,’ ‘News and Blogs’ and ‘Members & Community.’  Traditionally there have been some of those links that haven’t worked quite right (like the old “Member Blogs”) but these issues have now beed addressed.  Click away and check out the layout for each view.

But that’s not all. When you go to those pages, you’ll notice a little link in the upper right hand corner.  On any view where you see that link, you can click on it to make that view your default view.  After that, whenever you go to (without clicking on other links) you’ll automatically go to your selected view.

Selecting a default view doesn’t lock you in.  You can change it at any time by simply clicking on the “Make this my homepage” link, and you can always view any of the other content by using the links on the main menu.

As always, I’d love to hear your feedback.  If you have comments or suggestions, head on over the the Website forum and let me know.


Ross Del Duca