Fitness Articles to read at work pretending to be productive!

This week I’m busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest. So, I’m going to share some articles that I like that I think you’ll find interesting. They are quality pieces on all things fitness, so point, click and enjoy.


Freakish Strength With Proper Core Training, by Jesse Irizarry – 3/02/2012

We’ve all heard it from strength coaches, training partners, even the old jacked dude in the corner who squats five plates on an easy day.”Keep your core tight. Tighten up your abs.”  Okay, what does that even mean? Are they just saying suck in your gut, or is there something special about this core-tightening thing? And if so, why give a rat’s ass if your weightlifting goal is to be comparable to a barbarian who crushes his enemies and hears the lamentation of their women? Click here to read more of Jesse’s article.

 The Contreras Files: Volume III, by Bret Contreras – 2/29/2012


The Glute Guy is back, poring through the current research to find the hidden gems to spice up your training.

“I work tirelessly to keep T Nation readers up to date in both the practical and research aspects of strength and conditioning, and I’ve got some great stuff for you this month. Like the last two installments, the typical lifter, athlete, personal trainer, strength coach, or physical therapist is bound to find something useful in this article.” Click here to read the rest of “The Contreras Files.”


6 Tips from 6 Coaches, by Ben Bruno – 2/10/2012

This is a great piece with tips from some of the best coaches in the field of strength and conditioning Bret Contreras, Mike Robertson, John Romaniello, Tony Gentilcore, John Meadows and Ben Bruno. Click here to read the “6 Tips from 6 Coaches.”


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