Thunder BOMB

Last night, we had those wicked storms move through. Tornado sirens, heavy storms…and then it quieted down, well…a little bit. The high temperatures combined with the threat of more of Nature’s Fury lead me to wake up at 12am, 1230a, 1a, 130a…and then at 2:18am came…THUNDER BOMB.

Don’t know what that is? (You must not have lived or visited the south during one of those epic storms. Count yourself lucky. I detest these things.) In this case, there had been storms all night. Then quiet. …For a while. Suddenly at the time noted above, the LOUDEST clap of thunder you can’t even begin to imagine boxes your ears.

The kids went from sound asleep to wailing and crying, but before I could respond, I had to reach for the spatula and peel myself away from the ceiling. Next, I reached for some gorilla glue b/c I shattered when I fell back to the floor.

Oh…and one thing I forgot to share about (what I call) a THUNDER BOMB. It’s the ONLY clap of thunder you’ll hear. Nothing before it to warn you. Nothing after it. Just rain. Of course after that audible violence, you’re thinking, “WTH?! At least give me some more symphonics go along with that!” Alas, no. So, you’re left expecting something more only to have nothing manifest. Kinda like teetering on the end of a cliff and never falling into the deep waters below. May as well…if you got to that point, yk?

Next, remember the cover on the DVD, “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”? No? Visualize Chevy chase electrified by all the Xmas lights. That’s how I felt getting out of bed at this point. Ugh.


Eventually, I did manage to wobble back to bed and finally fall asleep only to continue waking EVERY. HALF. HOUR. for the rest of the night.

(These are those rare time when I wish wasn’t so flipping sensitive to caffeine. I would have surely guzzled a gas tank full of coffee.)

However, I am thankful that no one with a camera was around this morning. Seeing nearly 3 feet of hair standing on end from the stress of the night might have caused you to visit your eye doc, just so she could fix your eye lids from having retracted too far as result of seeing a picture of me in this state.

Was the night THAT bad?

Well, I’m writing this sassy, off-the-cuff post, aren’t I? I need some stress reduction…maybe a ride is in order tomorrow. It’s going to be super windy. So, it will have to be a mountain bike ride. However, I have to get some good zzz’s before that’s a possibility. You know…put my bubble back in center? B/c going off a ramp and landing on my head again isn’t something I want to repeat. Oh…I didn’t tell you about that little dive I took, a couple months ago? I thought I did. Hmmm, I need to re-read my posts to see what I did/did not share. It was…ummm…an experience I won’t soon forget. But I digress.

We’ll see how I am when I wake up tomorrow.