National Bike Summit

Big news. I am going to the National Bike Summit from March 20 to 23 in Washington, DC. The summit is sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists. Basically there are some meetings to help define the message. Then you go with a group of people from your state and visit your Senators and Representatives and explain that there are ordinary people who care about bicycling for transportation and recreation. This could be very timely because the transportation bill is being proposed and amended with a potential vote just after the summit. I have never done anything like this. It should be very interesting.


Another cool part is that I am going to be representing Mostly that means it will say on my badge, I’ll wear my cap when appropriate and I’ll be posting during and after the conference.


I plan to take my commuter bike on the train from Raleigh to DC and ride in DC while I am there. At this point I am planning to stay at the William Penn House, a Quaker hostel, unless someone wants to suggest something else like letting me crash at their place, even on the floor is OK with me.

So let me know if there is anything you want me to try and find out while I am there.