Giro D’Oro Cycling Offers the Newest Way to See California’s Gold Country

Cycling gives us an amazing opportunity to enjoy the outdoors that other activities just can’t match.  Whether we’re out training hard for a race or just out to enjoy being outside in the fresh air, us cyclists know the best roads and routes to make our riding the most enjoyable experience it can be.

My friends and I are lucky enough to live in the area around Folsom, California and sometimes we take it for granted that we can step out our front door and choose from dozens of different routes.  We can go for an 80 mile flat ride just as easily as a 60 mile climbing ride and either way we’d enjoy amazing roads, trails, scenery, and history too.

We love our little cycling paradise and now everyone has the opportunity to enjoy it too.  Some of our friends have gotten together and started Giro D’ Oro Cycling with the goal of sharing their vast knowledge and experience of the cycling routes and trails of the California Gold Country.

Giro D’Oro Cycling was founded by Debbie Brubaker who is a southern California native, and has lived in the Sacramento area for the past 24 years. After discovering her passion for cycling, she and husband Dave dreamed of one day operating a cycling tour company. Combining her love of entertaining and parties and as the self-appointed organizer of many rides that she and her friends embark on, it was just a natural progression for her to start a company of her own. When she’s not riding her bike, Debbie works as a self-employed medical transcriptionist.

Giro D’Oro is located in the heart of California gold country.  Their cycling base camp is located in the historic city of Folsom. They specialize in providing the vacationing cyclist challenging and scenic terrain year round. Their location in the Sacramento Valley has been an integral part of the Tour of California, and many of the world’s top cyclist train in the area. Giro D’Oro was founded on the belief that the climate, the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, the Sacramento Delta, and the local history (not to mention the local vineyards) is a great place to cycle and to explore California’s treasures.