Site changes are underway

I’ve been putting some work into the nuts-n-bolts of VeloReviews – you may have noticed a couple of times when the site was down for maintenance.  Well, not a lot of that work is ready to bear fruit.

For you, this means that you’ll soon notice a new look to  But this isn’t all cosmetics.  This is paving the way for a bunch of changes that will make it easier for you to get to the parts of VeloReviews that YOU want, in the way that you like.  Some changes that will come out of this:

  • Incorporation of both Discussion Groups and site wide Activity – right on the front page.
  • Better support for the bloggers among us – giving your personal blog more of a “stand alone” feel, while also augmenting the integration into VeloReviews.
  • More content – less clutter.

So bear with me – we’re in the final stretch.