Winter Solstice

I decide it would be fun to ride on the Winter Solstice. I was off from work and decided to do a 50 mile ride from my house to Jordan Lake and back. As a regular bike commuter I look forward to the days getting longer from this point forward in the winter. But I didn’t have to brave the cold this year. While our typical low would be 32 degrees, I started my ride with the temperature already in the 60s. I waited until 9:00 to roll out to let any morning traffic from people still working to clear the roads.

I came across a couple of interesting things. First the destination was serene. I suspect the boat ramps and docks are crazy busy in the summer, but I was the only one around on this day. Here is my bike Alfred at the end of the dock, waiting for me to finish a snack.

I’ll point out a couple of things. Next to the headlight on top of the stem is a Cateye Strada Dual wireless computer. On the top tube just behind the stem is a bento box. I haven’t used the bento box since I got the computer. It turns out it interferes with the wireless signal. I know the ride is 50 miles and the computer said 43 when I was done. So it appears it was working 86% of the time.
My legs were pretty tired by about mile 30 and I came upon a sign like this.

Except in my case the road titled up some for the 1000 feet. I pedaled a little harder but didn’t even begin 25 MPH much less 35. A little later, maybe mile 40, I came upon another sign with the same message but on a flatter road. Once again I picked up speed and as I came to the 35 MPH sign I glanced down at the computer and saw… 0. It was part of the 14% of the time the computer wasn’t working. So now I just had to decide that surely I was going 35 MPH. So now my legs and my brain were tired. After all I was in the middle chain ring, so my cadence would have needed to be in excess of 130 to go that fast. Maybe I should have signed up for the spinning class I saw a sign for. But I think it has the wrong kind of spinning. The sign had this symbol:

Where ever you are I wish you a Merry Christmas and hope you get to enjoy some pedaling in the close of the year.