Move Over E-Bikes, Here Comes S-Bikes

He doesn’t look like your typical steampunker, but Owen Bennett has created the ultimate anachronistic two wheeler. Instead of worrying about how long your battery charge is going to last, just throw a handful of coal into your boiler and keep on going. Once the steam bike catches on you will be able to stop and get a Gatorade and a few cups of coal at any convenience store. And you will need that Gatorade after sitting on top of the boiler. Plus once you get to the front of the pack you will be able to more easily drop the other riders as their oxgen levels drop as they breath your exhaust. Yep, the longer range of the S-Bike will soon wipe out the E-Bike market.

All kidding aside, this is way cool to me. It certainly doesn’t have to be practical to be cool. I congratulate Owen on his fine creation.

You can read a little more about the steam-powered bicycle at

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