Give Your Exercise Program a K.I.S.S.

In the last few weeks, I’ve been reading a ton of exercise books. Fat loss, metabolic circuits, home exercise programs and how to administer a good old fashion muscular ass whoopen. To say I’ve been inspired doesn’t quite do it justice.
The one thing most of these books had in common was an exercise routine needs a K.I.S.S. to make it work.
Now normally, the only kissing during exercise I see is when people at INTEGRATE plant one on the floor after a hard 1:1 or group strength class. The smooch I speak of is when you are putting together an exercise program without the help of a trainer, Keep It Simple Stupid.
Too many people read too many things and try to pull off way too much when they exercise. Go to any public gym in the country and you will see people massacre their muscles in ways that make no sense whatsoever using exercises that hurt my eyes to see. That’s one of the primary reasons IPF started the home exercise “Do it Yourself Fitness” program to save you from that trap.
To set up an effective workout program, you don’t need much. In fact, the less you have, the better. If you can’t get into the studio, I’d recommend “Power Training” as well as “Cardio Strength Training” by Robert Dos Remedios, CSCS. These are great books filled with a ton of routines to get you stronger. Alwyn Cosgrove and Lou Shuler’s “New Rules of Lifting” is also a pretty good read.
The beautiful thing about simplifying your workouts is that you can build something incredibly effective without having to have an entire gym at your disposal. If you’ve got a JC Traveler, bodyweight, a stability ball and maybe a kettlebell, you’ve got 500+ exercises at your disposal. You can even toss in some black band work, people at the studio LOVE these!
This past weekend I set up a killer metabolic circuit in my mother-in-laws backyard that kept me busy (and huffing and puffing pretty good!) for an hour using only my JC Traveler and bodyweight.
At the studio, I’ll mix in a kettlebell and medicine ball into the mix to spice things up. Here are a few of the routines that I did. On a side note, I ended up cursing myself the way people in my direction at IPF. Figured you’d like that.
When I exercise, I like moving fast. I hate sitting down, rest intervals and pretty much anything that has to do with sitting still. I guess I have EDHD (exercise deficit hyperactiviy disorder) because I get bored with the same thing, fast. Until I revisited metabolic circuits. I learned about them about eight years ago, and have recently dusted them off for some variety.
Essentially, they are the key to fat loss for anyone who exercises. I race a mountain bike, but detest riding in the winter when its cold. Yes, I’m soft and I’m from California. Last year I was able to keep my interval/threshold fitness up with high intensity kettlebell work, and since I found the podium quite a few times in 2011, this off season I plan to do the same.
These are four exercise, light weight, 10 rep routines performed at a break neck speed for 2:00-3:00 mins with the equivalent in a rest period. The goal here is get your heart rate sky high, and keep it there as long as you can. The anaerobic/VO2Max benefits are amazing, and this form of exercise has proven over several studies to improve cardiovascular fitness much more effectively than steady state prolonged endurance bouts.
Here are two of my more favorable ways to train:
10 reps, 3:00 on/3:00 off, four exercises, GO LIKE HELL!
1) Pushups
2) JC Traveler speed pulls
3) KB swings
4) Medicine ball slams
I love this routine because it hits every muscle in the body, blows your heart rate through the roof and pretty much kicks your ass, BIG TIME. With that said, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT do this if you have back pain, cardiovascular issues that are medically supervised, injuries, you are in PT rehabbing, are on beta blockers of any kind, essentially, DO NOT do this unless you’ve been cleared by your physician and thoroughly evaluated by a trusted trainer or physical therapist. If you have, and were given the green light, JACKPOT!!
Another one that I like is:
1) 10 pushups
2) 10 squat jumps
3) Alternate arm speed pulls
4) 15-20 yd sprints
This one is great if you are at your favorite park, your mother in laws backyard or pretty much anywhere you’ve got some open space and a way to anchor the JC Traveler. Again, really simple to set up, easy to manage and all you need is bodyweight and your Traveler.
If you’d like to get some more tips on how to set up your own exercise program, shoot me an email, or join us for our “Do it Yourself Fitness Series” at the studio. Thanks for getting this far in the article, give your exercise routine a K.I.S.S. from me!


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