This is why we wash & lube before an event!

Well I got most of the mud off after last Sunday’s race & rode it on the trainer all week. But it was still a bit dirty, so in the 45 degree cold I decided to really wash & lube the bike. Washed it on the rack behind the car. Clean the bike move on to the drive train scrubbing it all down . Start to lube & adjust the shifting & I notice  the deraileur is touching & is clicking the spokes. Huh hasn’t done this before. Try the limit screws and no change. I figure the derailleur got hit. In fact it didn’t want to go into the smallest cog, another clue. I pull the derailleur get a crescent wrench and pull it out a touch. Re assemble and no more click. Readjust the cables & back to normal.

If I had not cleaned/lubed the bike it could have been a hugely expensive fix if the chain broke a spoke, ruined the derailleur etc.

The end!