A blog! A blog! My kingdom for a blog!

To paraphrase butcher Shakespeare’s Richard III: A blog! A blog! My kingdom for a blog! I have started a new blog, Just Another Pedaler. That takes me up to three places I am semi-regularily blogging about bicycle topics.

  1. Triangle Bicycle Commuter – This going to become topics local to the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina. I am making more effort to get involved in local advocacy groups. Plus I can always talk about local news.
  2. Just Another Pedaler – This will be my general bicycling interests blog. Sometimes pointing out things I have seen
  3. VeloReviews.com personal blog – I am planning two things for this. First would be usually small things I think would be of interest to VeloReviews members and second I will just post a copy of the Just Another Pedaler content when it seems appropriate.
So follow me where you will. I am always glad to hear from people.
Coming soon are reports from my October trip to the Boston area – the Hubway, riding in general,  and some frame builders.