Last on the night races… CX review

well Wednesday was the last of the night races. Start time 6:35 pm. As we are above the 45 th parallel that means dark already.

Tuesday AM ride felt lackluster. Legs were stiff and useless. I was able to get a few subpar intervals in, but nothing to brag about. Wed. Woke up at 5:45 and rode for 30 min easy gear. 16 mph, 2 lame “leg openers”. Worked all day. Arrive at venue about 5:30. Change into Warm gear and pre ride 2 laps. Feeling ok and warm. Legs ok. Pay the girl, and head to the car & the trainer. Eat a mocha cliff gel & water. Ride moderate for 15 more min. Keeping nice & warm. Feeling pretty good.

Head to the start. Use the bathroom & line up. Course is dry & set to be fast. Only one dismount.

Whistle blows and the pace is instantly intense. Everyone seems bound for glory, or something. I’m being passed & wondering where these C masters get the legs. We all work commute have familys yet they power away.

Unsettle into my mid pack zone and besides the fact that i was nearly sucked into multiple multi bike crashes fore & aft it was pretty uneventful.

On lap 4 I muffed a remount as seems to happen when I get tired. A couple pass me I pass a few . I am elated to get thru lap 4 and not have the flag. I fist pump as I pass my usual ending point. Lap 5 is about the same I work hard to Not get passed in the last 200 meters. Race over feels great!

I got 46th of 61, 75th %.
Again made the final lap
Again didn’t drink water.

Final stat 13.3 mph average