A Note from the Editor

Hey folks…  Ross Del Duca here.  Yes it is actually me.  First and foremost something of an explanation.  I’ve been going through some difficult times, personally, that made it very difficult for me to focus the proper efforts on this great community that we call VeloReviews.  However, it was really our own fitness editor Al Painter that finally kicked me in my arse and reminded me what I need to be doing.  Well, that, and he wouldn’t let me stop doing those torturous Turkish Getups until I agreed to focus my efforts back on VeloReviews.

One good thing that did come out of my extended absence was the ability to see how the site was shaking out after the transition from the old format – with out the influence of my constant meddling.  That, coupled with yet more conversations with @alpainter, have brought some interesting points to light that will hopefully allow us to fine tune what we’ve got here to better fit the community.

One of the first things I’m going to do is find a way to bring our discussion groups to the forefront.  Several of our community members have commented that the miss the old forum format and find the new discussion groups tricky to navigate.  We’re not going to abandon the great social aspects of the new site – after all that, coupled with the podcast, is what sets us apart from those other cycling related plain forums out there.  But we are going to work to make accessing the discussion groups more intuitive for everyone.

And podcast?  Well yes.  It has been tricky to coordinate.  Everyone involved in the team that helps run VeloReviews is essentially a volunteer.  None of us are getting paid for this, which means we all have other professional demands on us.  Add to that family, social and day-to-day life logistics and it can be challenging to get everyone online at one time to record.  As a team we are discussing how best to address this issue.  More to come on that front.

In addition, it is becoming increasingly clear that I can’t run this site on my own.  I’m talking here about the day-to-day operations.  I really need to be devoting the hours that I have to VeloReviews to getting great content for our community, as well as building the software to bring us the cool features that many of us are already waiting for.  What cool features?  Well – the online racing coverage has barely been touched – there is ample room for improvement there.  And dare I say online video based training programs?  Yes, in fact there are things that have been in the beginning stages for far too long, and it is time that I pull the trigger and make this stuff happen.

All that being said, there are still normal maintenance tasks that need to be addressed.  Many of you will probably have noticed the unusually high level of spam-ish content popping up lately.  It would be a lot worse if it were not for the amazing support of @rapunzel – who is always willing to draw my attention to these when they pop up.  Well, I’ve decided it is high time we grow the VR staff a little bit.  If you know WordPress at all, and would like to take a more active role in running VeloReviews – drop me a note.

There you have it folks.  I – along with the entire VeloReviews staff – greatly appreciate you support.  Together let’s make VeloReviews even better!

Keep your head above your saddle above your pedals,

Ross Del Duca

Editor in Chief, VeloReviews