Cleaned the garage/home bike shop

On Sunday, as I now have Sundays off, my two children and I cleaned and reorganized the garage/home bike shop.  A van load of junk got hauled off to be recycled or just thrown out.  Every bike was put out in the driveway, leading to a neighbor to remind me you can’t have a Yard Sale on a Sunday in South Carolina.

After a good sweep out and reorganization of the workbench, we organized my spare parts.  My oldest,  13 year old Jesse, came to the conclusion I could start my own shop with all the spare parts we never use.  I reminded him that spare parts aren’t never used,  just they haven’t been used yet.  My 6 year old daughter, Emma, wanted to make jewelry out of bicycle chain.

I then stripped the parts off the chopper.  The rear tire had a bad sidewall tear, and I could not find a suitable replacement tire.  The parts went into a parts bin and the frame to be sent to a recycler later.  I need to get my sellers permit first.  A 16″ bike was also put in my recycle pile, as Emma has outgrown it.

Two bikes I’m selling, but I think listing the details would be against posting rules here at  We’re down to 13 bikes of various brands, types, and colors for a family of 4.  Emma has 2 bikes, a 20″ coaster brake bike and a trailercycle.  My wife has 2 bikes, a Trek Sole Ride 3-speed and a beach cruiser to pull the trailercycle. Jesse has offically 1 bike, a Jamis Explorer 1, but he has a Jamis MTB he “gave” me and there is an old Schiwnn Mirada he used for a while, but is the spare/guest bike.

Then there are my 4 bikes: my Cannondale road bike, a Motobecane Messenger SS/FG, and my venerable Diamondback Sorrento.  A whole entire blog post was committed to the Cannondale, while the Motobecane is mostly used in the winter in a trainer.  The Diamondback is used a utility bike for days I run errands and for casual rides.  There is a beach cruiser for me as well.

There was a nice workbench in the garage when we moved in, and I have since acquired a repair stand.  I do my own repairs and maintenance on my fleet, and an occasional paid job for neighbors and my wife’s co-workers.  This house is not in the city limits, and I can legally receive compensation up to a certain amount   without a business license as it is zoned rural residential.