End of the Season Blues and Pick-me-ups

Sounds paradoxical, right? However, I’ve got the road biking blues in two completely different manners. First, I’m bumming about the light changing so much, just even in the last two weeks. You get toward the late afternoon, and there’s no question that fall is here. That brightness of the spring and summer is gone. Welcome in the orange glow of the late days. Not only that but when you get close to sunset the light fades much faster than it did in the summer. So when sunset arrives, it’s dark…and dark fast. *sigh* Bummer.

Then, there’s the flip side. I’m done. Stick a fork in me. I’m bored. I’m fried. I’m done. I’m tired of being out on my road bike so much (or so little, depending on how you look at this year’s season of riding). I need a change of scenery, a change of view, venue and style.

Kinda like those folks who blaze off to the hairdresser for a change in style, color, texture and length. (Except…come anywhere near me with a scissors or any other hair thingymobobber, and somebody’s going to get hurt, and it won’t be me. Oye, but I digress.) Anyway…I’m ready for something new.

Gee if I could go on a trip riding my mtb bike through some new territory, I’d be all in. (As long as it isn’t entirely mountains or entirely flat.)

I feel like there’s nothing new I can tackle that will bring the sparkly nature of road riding all back to me. At least, not this season. …and yet, I didn’t accomplish all that I had hoped, either.

Ah. There’s next year, I suppose, and I can chalk up this one up to some lessons learned on many different levels – even while there was less of the “firsts”, this year. I kinda feel as if I spent more time this year going “WTH?” rather than “Woot! I did it!” Although, there were a few times that I did something and wondered how the heck I did it b/c I seemed to break all the rules in preparation (or lack thereof).

…and sometimes I simply try to dismiss all the noise upstairs and be simply be grateful that I added a couple more thousand miles to the overall odometer.

Then I’ll also remember that, boredom is what leads one to find a new path in the woods, new trails to explore. That’s for what I’m looking, right now.

Call me crazy, but I’m one of those who believes that a little boredom is a good thing. B/c boredom tends to breed creativity …and ingenuity …and how one uncovers new territory. So, I await what treasures await in cycling in general.

Yeah. It’s all good. Mostly. ;-)