Streaking Again

Not the college quad kind of streaking. No one wants to see my 53 year old body. Although I could probably get sponsored by an eye surgeon and a psychiatrist to streak in front of an unsuspecting crowd of future customers. This is a streak of months in a row with a century ride. Back in June I had a crash which broke my first streak at 14 months. But now I have restarted my streak at Bike MS in New Bern, NC where on Saturday, September 10, 2011 I rode the 100 mile route. Actually the official route was only 99.3 miles but I had made a run for ice at 6:00 am which was 3 miles, so I had plenty.

Some of the ~2400 riders at Saturday's Start

It was a warm day, but I have riden in much warmer. Still around mile 85 I was feeling overheated. In retrospect, at the end of the ride I has experiencing heat exhaustion. I spent a few minutes in the shade of our team tent, then hit the showers. Then it was back to the shade of the team tent and the real cure was going into the conference center where dinner was being served. I sat in the air conditioning for 15 or 20 minutes and finally started to feel hungry and was able to drink the water I had been carrying around. I was a little surprised at this because I had stayed on top of my hydration and nutrition during the ride. The temperature was about 90 and last summer I did a hillier century with temperatures at 105. My conditioning is not quite as good as last year. I suspect several things contributed and it was just one of those days. On Sunday I opted for the 50 mile route which we finished before the heat really kicked in.

So the streak starts again. October is a nice month to ride. I may do a 200K permanent route in our area which could start its own streak which can lead to a R-12 (12 months in a row with an official 200K ride). In fact the R-12 seems like a good goal for 2012.

Crossing the bridge at the start of Saturday's Bike MS century. That's me in the foreground.