Why is it… Transporting bikes on a rack

So on our trip I had 5 bikes to carry. Road, cross, wife’s mtn.& 2 kids mtn.
I have a nice Yakima hitch mount that claims to carry 4 bikes. Well the kids bikes won’t fit so they go in the suburban. 3 to go. Mixing flat bar & drop bar makes for issues. I decided to put them in order of use. Cross mtn. Road.
There is no easy way to alternate them so as to eliminate rub issues etc.

The real question… Why does ALL the damage happen to the newest most expensive parts/bikes first? Her 25 year old nishiki mtn. Bike was untouched. My bikes scratched the new cross brakes, tore up bar tape, & the quick releases looked like They had road rash.

For the trip home I isolated them better, but still not perfect as more tape was tore up.

Such is life right?

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