This season’s progress…so far

Well, I’m behind by 338 miles (as compared to last year’s total). I had hoped to reach 3K mileage before I quit outdoor road riding before year’s end. Not sure I will make it. I’m just shy of 1600 right now. (I do not include mountain biking mileage into these totals. I tally those separately.)

I wanted to get in 3 centuries by year’s end. Looks like I will get that done within the next 2 weeks. Century #2 is Sunday. (Same one I did last year and posted the video.) Century #3 is 6 days later on the following Saturday. As long as the weather doesn’t go to over 100 degrees***, I should be okay doing the 100+ miles for each one. My only question is about the days in b/t the 2 centuries. I’ll do an easy recovery ride next Monday and probably keep my Tuesday evening ride fairly moderate – just to conserve. I will skip the Thurs evening ride and opt for another leg opener on Friday. ( @alpainter I love these. They help so much!) Drink tons of water. Eat lots of carbs all week (to replenish and prepare). Any other suggestions?

I’ve got my “system” of what I eat, drink while on the ride “down”. This worked great for the century in June (and for yesterday’s hot 70 miles).

Beyond that, I might actually get in a 4th century if all goes well b/c of a ride idea I’ve had for a few months. Several folks in my local e-groups want to do it, too. So, we shall see.

Other stuff – I want to get my speed back up. Last year at this time, I was one full mph faster than I am now. Although, my schedule, riding season, ride opportunities have all been different. So have my riding buddies. They’ve been slower, and that means I haven’t been able to really push it to get to my threshold as much…which I know helps increase my speed, too.

However, I was pleased with my average for yesterday’s 70 mile ride. I had plenty of gas left in the tank, too! I had been working on conserving my energy during the ride in order to have enough for the final climbs. It worked, and I felt great the entire day! So perhaps when I’m done with the centuries, I’ll get back out for a shorter ride and really push it. I might just be much closer to last year’s average than I have previously thought.

It won’t be long before I get back on my mountain bike. I’m looking forward to this, and I know it will help increase my strength and speed on the road bike.

WRT to mtb riding, I need to increase my skills; so, I get fewer bruises, scars, etc. I might actually go “clipless” instead of flat pedals. ::shudder:: Maybe. ::moreshivers::

Mmmm. Maybe not.

However, I’m getting curious about putting gears on my mountain bike because I cannot even begin to think about riding some of the mountains up north of here on my singlespeed. (Unless someone comes up with a HULK shot for my leg muscles.) It’s ticking me off to see hubby go enjoy the mountains without me. At the same time, I don’t want to give up my SS set-up either.

What can I say. I want another mountain bike.

Funny thing is that hubby has a full suspension geared bike and wants to go SS, hard tail – like I have. No, we can’t switch bikes. He’s 6’5″ (XL frame). I’m 5’7″ (medium frame). Guess we’ll need to get another whole garage before too long – LOL.

***WRT to the temperature comment above, see my other new blog post, “Cooking Yourself”.