Cyclist Coder Wanted

Are you a PHP coder with a passion for cycling, and maybe (just maybe) a little bit of WordPress or BuddyPress experience?

VeloReviews has some big plans, and not quite enough hours in the day to complete the goals.  To that end, we’re looking into the possibility of growing the core VeloReviews team.  Specifically there is a gap just big enough for a coder.  VeloReviews is build on a foundation of BuddyPress – with custom functionality on top of that.  This custom functionality can take the form of full-fledged WordPress plugins, or stand-alone webapps incorporated into the current website.

We’ve got a great team generating content for both the website and the podcast – now we need to focus on building a great community of cyclists around a kick-arse website.  Owner/Editor Ross Del Duca has years of experience in running dynamic websites, but has a focus on the back end and server administration.  He’s looking to partner with someone that can help out with the front end.

If you think this is you, reply to this message, send a private message to @rossdelduca, or email ross at his domain email address.

Let’s build something great!