My Latest Idea – Why I Blog

Lately I have been considering writing a book. But actually I am not driven by the idea of being an author. I just think writing a book might be a way to explore a topic that I am interested in and share my thoughts. It won’t surprise you that a lot of my interest is in bicycles. One project I have is to do something interesting with an older Cannondale frame I have (not the one I ride currently). I want to repaint it and one thing I noticed as I have taken it apart is the prominent Made in the USA decal. This got me to lamenting how the main US bike companies don’t make very many bikes in the US anymore. I started thinking about making this bike into a completely made in the USA bike. I think it would be interesting to use this project to look at what is and isn’t made in the USA anymore and some of the reasons why. I have some more thoughts, but for now I am just going to keep researching and try and hold any conclusions to later in the process.

So if I am going to write a book of this type I need several things.

  1. Research
  2. Time
  3. Better writing skills
  4. A way to publish the book
And here are my plans to for each of those.
  1. Research: Lots of internet, some in person interviews, and some remote interviews should get me started.
  2. In 2 weeks we will be empty nesters and that will give me some time. I am also dropping somethings I have done in the past, like fantasy football. Since I am not in a hurry, I should be able to make progress with even some modest changes. I have no plans to ride less to make time for this project.
  3. This post is an example of why I need to improve. Good factual writing but too dry to be really good reading. Some studying and regular blogging are my plan for getting better.
  4. I am not worried about publishing yet. Once I start to have a solid draft I will worry about that. I can always self publish an e-book.
So you may have noticed that you readers are my test audience for writing skills. I will be trying various things in my blog and trying to find a style that is both informative and entertaining. Hopefully I can get where my writing is more fun that getting tackled by a Florida bear while riding your bike.
If you have any thoughts about where bicycles and components are made send them my way. And if you have any leads about people to talk to send me those too.