Planning to Bicycle in Boston

I will be visiting Boston for a conference in early fall for work. I have been investigating how to get a bike to use there. I am not planning to take a bike on the plane because of the hassle and expense. I have pretty much ruled out shipping mine for the same reasons although the Air Caddy from looks promising. I am just planning to commute from the hotel to the convention center, ride around town a little and try out some of the greenways. In particular the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway and other parts of the East Coast Greenway.


I didn’t find any bike rentals that looked affordable. One idea is to buy a bike off Craig’s list when I get there. Then run by Bikes Not Bombs to tune it up. And the end of my trip I would donate it to Bikes Not Bombs. Currently that looks easy, but there might not be as many listings in the fall as there are now in summer.


The best news is that Boston’s bike sharing scheme, Hubway, will be operational by then. There is a station right by my hotel. Unfortunately there is not even a planned station at the convention center. I am keeping an eye on this. I will certainly try it out at some point during my visit just to see how it works.

I loaded the iPhone app, SpotCycle, to track where there are bikes and empty slots to return a bike. It is a cool app and is also available on Blackberry and Android. It not only covers Boston, but Washington DC, London, Melbourne, Minneapolis, Montreal, Ottawa-Gatineau, and Toronto. For example as I type this I can see that in Boston at the Seaboard Blvd/Boston Wharf station (the closest one to the convention center) there are 4 bikes and 11 docks available.

If you have ever riden in Boston, leave me a tip on what to see by bicycle.