Tales from Rental Hell- a mid season rundown

This is a rundown, as I am rundown.  Not a whole lot of riding getting done by me, as it is hot outside, more like very hot these days.  There has been some relief.  A few Saturdays ago, we had to turnover 2000 units, it was almost cool, never getting warmer then 80!  Saturdays are a special day for beach bike rentals.  We go and pick up 1200-2000 bikes and such, clean them, lube them, make adjustments, then send them back  out in  about 10 hours time, usually in oppressive heat and humidity.

There is some fun at times.  Like this past Saturday morning.  I took a half-step backwards just to far and snagged my pants on the taillight of a trailer that had just been unloaded.  The truck and trailer took off, ripping the back of my pants.  Thankfully I wear compression shorts underneath, but still had the walk of shame to the beach store  across the street to buy new pants, a red pair swimming shorts, then back to change.

We all pace ourselves and shift out for hydration breaks.  Keeping cool just doesn’t happen.  Drinking sports drinks help fight off heat exhaustion and I’ve been the only one to be affected by the heat, but I do have other medical issues to deal with that make me more susceptible to heat related stress.

I did watch as much of the Tour de France as I could.  This year’s race had some of the best racing on the road in my memory, maybe since the Figion/Lemond battle in 1989.  There was no clear cut  favorite to win on any given day.  One of the favored pre tour riders did win, Cadel Evans.  One of his teamates on BMC is a friend of mine that I used to  ride with on Hilton Head, Chris Butler.  Butler was not on BMC’s TdF squad, but did manage a respectable 38th in Austria in  a race full of high mountains.  Now consider Chris and I come from a place with no hills, let alone mountains.

My wife and I went to visit her mother in the new nursing home she had been moved to in Sparta, Georgia.  Where is Sparta, Georgia you may ask?  Hard to tell.  My navigation system told me to , “Dude, you’re lost,  turn around.” twice while going there.  Yes, I had to take dirt roads for long distances (12 miles at times) to find this place.