Season thus far.

This season began with some good training rides during much of the spring in Pebble Beach, Carmel and the surrounding areas.  My first full year racing as a CAT4 had some ups and downs, and some realizations of what I need to do to take the next step.  My weight started out at 185 and creeped down to 170 come May, ideally next year I’d love to be at 160, but that would take a lot of self-discipline and diet.  I believe if I was at 160, then I’d be much closer weight wise to my competitors, and if I can maintain the same wattage I could win some races.  Beginning the year I didn’t get the results I wanted, but I was getting a good base for the season- doing some circuit races, local crits, and an out of town race got me a good foundation for what I though would be my focus area of the season- However being in the military really through some wrenches into my plan and during my peak fitness I was only able to compete in two races, one of which I had a solid result, and another which without a tactical error on my part would have put me into the top 5 of a solid field.  I have now had some unwanted rest because of work, but up next is the Death Valley Stage Race which I am looking to more for completing rather than competing because it has some of the tougher climbs in the country- including the infamous Onion Valley Rd.  This will be my final race of the road season, maybe with a local crit thrown in between for good measure.  I will then move on to CX season racing in the CCCX series in Fort Ord; however once again work will cause me to miss the first 3 of 8 of the series which was VERY disappointing.  The goal of CX season is to maintain weight, improving bike handling, and have fun.  I am looking towards next spring for the Death Valley Double Century for training, and if my fitness/endurance is there Furnance Creek in 2012- building towards a long term goal of RAAM in 2015.

I am looking forward to the first Spring in which I will have some real time to train- I will be discharged from the military in March, and will have some time off until I begin my teaching career in the Spring (Outside of taking care of my daughter, and my soon to be born 2nd daughter.)