Life gets in the way of cycling

I am new to blogging, so be patient with me.

A little history.  I was working in northern Utah designing a replacement rocket for the space shuttle.  We new space shuttle was on its way out and the company had started laying off people who were involved in making the booster motors for the shuttle.  Then, Obama got elected and it seems like the first thing he did was cancel the program (Constellation) I was working on.  Everyone said, “don’t worry”, the senate won’t let him trash the US space program.  My opinion, the senate can’t wipe their own noses.

So, in October 2010 I was laid off.  I had planned to accept it gracefully and enjoy my time off riding at the end of the season, doing some great trout fishing, and hunting a giant buck I spotted on one of my off trail hikes in the mountains.  Life was looking good, but then reality sunk in.  I spent about 15 hours a day looking for another job.  I found two!  I accepted the highest paying one which was still a 30% drop from my previous position.  So by mid December 2010 I had a job.  The problem was it was in Greensboro, NC.

My mom lives in Yorktown, Virginia so I drove out (in a major Wyoming snow storm) at the end of December and my family flew out a few days later.  My whole family was at mom’s for Christmas then they all went home and I went to Greensboro.

Spring comes a lot earlier in Greensboro than it does in northern Utah, so I figured to get back to riding and get into shape  quickly this year.  The spring started out nice enough.  I was riding by March.  I had put on a few pounds over the winter from lack of exercise and stress, but it started coming off quickly.  Unfortunately, I also had to travel back to the house periodically and study for my MBA program, while working and moving from hotel to hotel to apartment to another apartment.  Riding time fell and I experienced a corresponding rise in weight.

The last tow weeks has been very busy and I was unable to ride at all.  Coupled with the high temperatures it makes riding look daunting.  Finally yesterday I was able to get out and ride about twenty miles.  I felt good, no over exertion and it was still cool and shady early in the morning.  I was feeling like I had accomplished something, that is until I checked the stats on my Garmin.  Average ride speed 9.8 mph!  What the …  OK, so now I definitely have to go on a diet and find some time to ride.  of course I still have my job (thankfully) and my homework, and I have to move my family and all our household contents across the country this month, and yes, it is still friggin hot!

Some of you folks may not mind riding in 100F heat, but I have issues with it.  Maybe morning rides?????