Attention VeloReviews Bloggers

My vision for VeloReviews has always had its member bloggers as a central tenant – a core that can really drive our community.  I made no secret about the fact that the poor experience – as I perceived it from a blogger’s perspective – was one of the primary reasons that I finally committed to the switch from the old VeloReviews site to what we have today.

Unfortunately, it was just that particular group that I’ve inadvertently neglected in the site migration.  I was so keen on making a super-simple, no thought necessary blog interface for the community members that I inadvertently rebuilt essentially exactly the thing that caused me to move away from the old site.

That stops now!

Here’s what I have to offer.  I’m giving all of the VeloReviews bloggers much greater access to the software that VR is actually built on.  No more fancy interfaces, no more hacked-in solutions trying to insulate our community members from the true power of the software that VeloReviews is now running on.

There has been a link on the ‘My Info’ box for a while now that took you to where you were supposed to be able to post a blog entry.  That lead you to a page that was intermittently working – at best.  That link has been updated and will now direct you straight to the VeloReviews backend – which is built on WordPress.  No filters, no holds barred.  You, the VeloReviews members, will now have full access to write blog posts in the same way that I do.  If you are familiar with WordPress you will probably welcome this change.  If you are not familiar with WordPress you will still gain from the wealth of online information about how to write blog posts using that interface.  And I’ll also be adding details to the VeloReviews FAQ to help folks get started.

I’ve become convinced that I was operating under a false pretense.  I thought that if I somehow smoothed over the interface I could attract more folks to blog.  I now believe this was entirely wrong.

As always, I value your feedback.  If you haven’t yet joined, get thee over to the VeloReviews Bloggers group and let your opinion be known!

This doesn’t signal the end of innovation of blogging and active support for blogging on VeloReviews.  Rather, it marks a transition where you are all now a group of peers, and we will collectively decide how best to deal with issues when them come up.

Cheers, and happy blogging,

Ross Del Duca – Editor,