Launch of new site set for this weekend!

The all new VeloReviews web site is set to launch this weekend – Saturday night! 

After the final individual time trial in the Tour de France on Saturday the riders will prepare for their ride into Paris.  VeloReviews will follow suit, as our members will get to “ride” into the new site on Sunday morning.  Here’s what you can expect from the transition period:


1. Sometime betweem 8 and 9pm, pacific time all requests to the VeloReview site will show you a “Maintenance” page instead of the content that you are used to.  Exactly when you will see this page depends a lot on where in the world you are as changes on teh internet of this type are not instantaneous.

2. Starting at 9pm pacific, I’ll start exporting all of the existing content (blog post, comments, groups, photos, videos, etc) from the current VeloReviews site, and this will be imported into the new site.

3. As soon as the content is all imported, I’ll take us out of Maintenance mode and you’ll get to see the new layout.


I’m putting together some handy tips for our current users to help them find their way around the new site.  I’ll also be hanging out online most of Sunday (except for when I go out and ride) to help answer any questions.


I’m really excited about this, and I think that you’ll find the new site to be much more dynamic and lively.  See you on the other side!