I am the NiteRider Baby!

How NiteRider Can Change Your Life

I used to think most mountain bike riders were those people that worked seasonal jobs, lived in vans or teepees, and worked at the local ski lift in the winter. The more I mountain biked, the more I realized, a good number, if not the majority of mountain bikers, are just like me. They work an 8-5 job most days and ride the trail before or after work or on the weekends when they aren’t doing yard work and running the kids to the weekend sports game of choice.

Having made this discovery, I’ve realized that I’m not the only one that has a tough time finding enough time to ride. Between work, kids, and the never-ending list of things to do around the house, hitting the trail seems to slip to the low spot on the priority list and before I know it, the day is over. The next thing I know I’m up and off to work for another day; chalking up one more day that I didn’t get to ride.

Then, NiteRider changed my life. If you find yourself in my situation, listen up. NiteRider’s LED lighting systems have changed the game for me. No longer do I have to call it a day just because the sun is going down or skip the morning ride because I have an 8:00 a.m. crew call.

The combination of the MiNewt 350 and the MiNewt 700 Dual are just the right mix to get me out early in the morning or riding late into the night. These lights provide enough lighting to keep me going up or down the trail without worry.

The MiNewt 350/700 Dual combo gives you what you’ll need in the amount of light, the power you need to keep those lights burning, and the convenience of being lightweight and easy to mount.

LED lights provide a bright white light that is crisper and more direct than most other lights and they use less power, so your battery life is less of a concern.

The battery on the MiNewt 700 Dual set provides light for over 4 hours, as does the battery on the MiNewt 350, making them a great combo. I like to mount the 2 lights of the 700 Dual on my handle bars with the battery on my center tube while the single is attached to my helmet (with the battery in my shirt pocket) for a light that shines wherever I look. Whether it’s another rider on the trail, a hazard just off the trail or one of those wild creatures living in the area, the helmet-mounted light is essential to set your nerves at ease.

When you get back home, throw those lights on their own charger so they’re ready to go next time. The light on the battery lets you know when charging is complete which I found to be less than 4 hours.

Not to be over dramatic, but these lights have changed my life. Making use of these dark hours to ride allows me to spend the time I need to at work the time I want with the family.


What you get:

MiNewt 350 System:

-MiNewt.350 Headlamp/handlebar mount assembly

-Power Module (Battery Pack)

-“O-Ring” Handlebar Mounting Straps

-AC Adapter


MiNewt 700 Dual:

-MiNewt.700 Dual Headlamp/handlebar mount assembly

-Power Module (Battery Pack)

-Splitter Cable

-“O-Ring” Handlebar Mounting Straps

-AC Adapter

Light Mounting:

As I said before, the lights are pretty easy to mount. A little harder on a closed BMX, skate-inspired type helmet but I was able to make it work and had no problems on the trail.

Battery Mounting:

Battery mounting is even easier. Just wrap the strap(s) around the frame of the bike and with the rubber mounting pad on the back of the battery packs, the pack stays secure with no movement.

Battery Run Times:

MiNewt 350 System:


High (350 Lumens) 2:15

Med (180 Lumens) 4:00

Low (100 Lumens) 9:00


MiNewt 700 Dual:


High (700 Lumens) 2:00

Med (360 Lumens) 5:00

Low (200 Lumens) 9:00


Batteries recharge in less than 4.5 hours.

Get ‘em!

For more information, pricing, and ordering, go to NiteRider.

NiteRider has an excellent website that has recently been updated so check it out. It’s loaded with FAQs, guides, photos, videos, event information, technical data, and a lot more.


If you’d like to pick up your lights at your local dealer go to NiteRider’s find-a-dealer page.

Go ride!