My Second Favorite Riding Moment

My commute normally takes me over a pedestrian/bike bridge that crosses US 1/US 64 in Cary, NC. But right now they are doing some repairs. I didn’t really see why, but I don’t really look at the bridge too closely. I like to get across quickly and escape the car noise. But I was remembering a time a rode across the bridge that turned out to be one of my favorite riding moments. In fact I woud rank it second. I will save the first one for another blog post. After all I don’t want to use up my ideas too fast. They are harder to come by than I thought.

The ride was my commute home. It was in the fall when darkness comes much sooner. We had an after work celebration at work for people who had worked here for more than 20 years – a qualification I easily met. I wanted to see some people and hear some stories, so I decided to go for a while. It was raining, in fact it was the remnants of Hurricane Ida and it was raining pretty hard. I hung out at the party for a little while, then I pulled on my rain gear and headed out.


The bridge in question is near the end of my 12.5 mile commute. My rain gear at the time was a jacket and pants designed for backpacking that was about 10 years old. It had lost some of its effectiveness. In the first part of the ride I was really enjoying the sensation of riding in a bubble – a bubble of light. As I rode down the greenway in the rain it was very dark except for my lights. I felt like I was just a little ball of light rolling down the trail. This was very cool but it is not what I remember most about this ride. Still the bubble sensation would have been a top 10 moment and now I have used up 2 in one post. Rats.


Before I had reached the bridge, I was seriously rethinking riding in all weather. The ride had gotten pretty miserable. The old rain gear was not really working and I was getting wet. Only the riding was keeping me warm enough to avoid shivering. But then I came to the bridge. And as I crossed it I looked down to a sea of headlights and tail lights in each direction. All the car drivers were pretty much at a standstill. They were stuck in their cars and I was freely pedaling above them. I instantly felt great. I finished the ride, took a shower and moved some rain gear I had on a Christmas list from the middle to the very top.


The rest of November and December were pretty dry and when Christmas came, so did my new rain gear. I don’t manage to ride every day, but rain is not a reason for me to drive.


Remember, your skin is water proof.